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Spiritual retreats in SedonaThe beautiful red rock canyons and mesas of northern Arizona have called people here for prayer, meditation, and ceremony for thousands of years.  Long before anyone ever used the term Vortex to describe it, Native American people knew about the spiritual power of this very special place. Pictographs and petroglyphs dating back over 6,000 years, some of the oldest in the American Southwest, attest to the Verde Valley's long history as a sacred site. Today Sedona is considered the most important spiritual power center in North America, with more than 4 million visitors arriving each year from all over the world.

If Sedona is calling to you during a time of major crisis or transition in your life, then it's important to heed that call. A spiritual retreat might be just what you need to face the challenge before you. We're proud to offer extremely high quality, single and multi-day spiritual retreats that can be customized specifically for your situation. Our retreats are focused on practical spirituality that you can use in the real world skills on a daily basis.  Plus we're experts at turning chaos into clarity, and helping you find the strength and courage within to lean into your life and move forward again. Like a butterfly's cocoon, the stunning natural beauty and healing energy of Sedona provides the perfect container for spiritual transformation.

If you're ready to emerge into the fullness of your spiritual power, and spread your wings to start living a more abundant and fulfilling life then why not call us today for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose but your fear and suffering!

Personal Retreats

The concept of spiritual pilgrimage -- making an individual journey to a sacred center in order to learn directly from a notable teacher -- has existed for millennia. While it never went away completely, the practice of pilgrimage all but disappeared in the West after the Protestant Reformation. Beginning in the 1990's there was a quiet explosion in the number of people longing for deeper meaning in their lives.

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Small Group Retreats

All spirituality is ultimately about relationship and community. A group retreat provides a focused opportunity to learn, which can lead us to a "shift in perception', thereby changing our relationship with life and the world around us. A major advantage of this  retreat format is that we'll work together within an intimate group of like-minded people, testing our ideas and beliefs against the experience of others in real time.

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